Peels for oily skin

Skin peel is a very important step of skin care system for oliy skin type. Choosing the method of exfoliation you should always take into account your oily skin type. Different people react in a different way to different peeling agents because reaction of the skin depends greatly on its color, thickness, functioning of glands on its surface and presence of such imperfections as scars, acne and sun damage.

When the skin is oily, it is difficult to exfoliate it because the oil is sticky and dead cells move away with some difficulty.

Facial peels:

If you have oily skin type, you should use facial peel about 3 times a week. More often peel may cause excessive oil secretion because the pores get too activated and often exfoliation stimulates more oil production by the sebaceous glands.

It’s better to use the peel that contains BHA to exfoliate oily skin, the BHA is oil soluble and is the best suited to unclog pores. Also you can use clay masks, gentle exfoliators which contain polyurethane and silicone beads or enzyme peel products which exfoliate without rubbing.

There are several steps of peel treatment for oily skin :

• Everyday or exfoliating cleanser
• Exfoliating product
• Mud mask
• Moisturizing mask
• Non-comedogenic lotion
• Oil-free moisturizer
• Sunscreen

Body peelings:

If you want to exfoliate your body and the skin is oily, the steps of the peel procedure are similar to the facial peel. At first you should get your body wet in the shower, then use a body loofah, scrubbing sponge or gloves and apply the exfoliating cleanser to the body or onto the sponge. Then gently massage your body with this sponge making circular motions. Rinse the skin and use a good moisturizer and try not to over-exfoliate because it can break tiny blood vessels or make your oily skin oilier.