Micro Peels

Micro skin peels are an essential addition to skin care. The results that can be achieved with the help of skin care are increased and expedited by these peels.

This is the lightest kind of all chemical peels. These peels help skin get smoother and softer, improve complexion, decrease pore size and discoloration. Also sometimes an improvement in fine wrinkles is possible.

The procedure

Like other chemical peels, the procedure of micro skin peel is performed by the applying of a chemical irritant to the skin. The treatments are usually done at doctor’s office or beauty salon by a qualificated specialist or nurse and need about half an hour. At first, the skin is gently cleansed and then covered with a glycolic acid solution with concentration up to 20%-30%. Gentle, temporary burning and itching can be mentioned. Dry ice may be applied to stimulate the skin and then it’s covered with moisturizing cream. Make-up can be applied rapidly after the procedure and one can return to usual daily activities. There will be no surface evidence of the treatment, but fair skin may response by a red complexion for a day.


With each procedure, dead surface cells will insensibly shed. The complete results can be seen two weeks after each peel. To achieve optimal results it’s required to perform about six peels at two week intervals. After this, the effects may be maintained with treatments every one to three months. For best results such peels are used in combination with a skin care program.

Advantages and disadvantages

Micro peels offer momentous advantage than skin care products themselves. Because the products are more effective, but recovery is rapid. A superficial peel not only improves skin color, texture, overall appearance and condition but also diminishes the evident size of the pores. Many experience improvement in superficial crepe paper wrinkles.

In spite of realistic expectations, there are also some disadvantages. The most common are that skin fold wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, or skin tone cannot be improved with a peel. For those with thin, tender skin, it may be redness for one to two days after the treatment. To avoid it in future, it’s necessary to choose appropriate concentration of solution for the next peels.

Duration of results and satisfaction

Micro peels treatment demands maintenance. After the first six peels, skin care products should be used regularly at home and it’s essential to maintain peels every 2- 3 months. Without following this regime, the skin is certain to return to its base condition within six months.

The satisfaction from the treatment is incredible due to effectiveness, safety, and affordability of the peels. However there are some individuals who are not satisfied – those who didn’t sustain their results through keeping peels and those whose expectations are too much.

Micro skin peels and superficial peels are very simple, safe, effective, and not expensive, that is why they have become greatly famous, according to the specialists’ opinion. The benefits are great, while the risks are insignificant, and the price is affordable.