There are different ways to get rid of dead skin cells out of your body and face (Skin exfoliation). One of them is gommage. This method considered to be very successful and makes your skin soft and clean, it’s gentle and chemical-free.

So who exactly can apply?

These exfoliators have following features:
• Don’t lead to skin vulnerability against sun (while chemical exfoliants do)
• Merely mechanical, non-invasive
• Not harsh compared to other mechanical exfoliators
• Suits almost all skin types

Please pay attention, in case you have tender skin, suffer from broken capillaries or break out, only gentle substances should be applied.

The substance (paste or cream) should be put on skin in a thin layer. After this, it should be left on skin to dry a little bit. Next stage is massaging and rolling the whole thing out of the skin. That’s how you get rid of the upper skin layer and dead cells. Thanks to such tacky agents as select enzymes and xanthan gum, your dead skin cells are removed and fresh skin layer is left. So to say you get visible effect.

Such creams are usually applied by spas, which lack wet area, for complete body treatments. Due to the fact hot gommage involves more strengths than alternative methods, sugar and salt scrubs are usually used to decrease the treatment period. The advantage of this method over scrub treatments and salt glow is that it doesn’t need water for washing after the application.

In case you need, a kit can be bought for home usage. But procedure is usually kept for specialized spa treatments. Also, before applying the exfoliant at home, you firstly should consult with experienced doctor. There are types of treatments where additives (antioxidants and volcanic minerals) are applied, for example cranberry varieties. Such treatments are advised twice or four times a week.

Warning! Those who suffer from allergies to skin treatments might have a hostile response to this peel. Thus, don’t forget to check the compounds of the cream or past before applying it. Besides, this type exfoliant should be avoided by sensitive, older and thinning face skin. Places with broken capillaries should be skipped during the procedure. Moreover, remember not to mix it with different exfoliants.

How to apply

Let’s discuss two more methods.

Method 1
Firstly, wash your skin with facial cleanser and pat it dry. Don’t rub your face; it may lead to undesirable irritation in case you have tender skin. The clarifying facial cream helps to get rid of oil and any other impurities that maybe present. Next step is taking some gommage and putting a thin layer on your skin. You should begin from neck moving up to the forehead.

After this, give it 3-5 minutes to dry and peel it off as any other peel off mask. And finally, just wash your face and put some moisturizer. Now the whole procedure is done.

Method 2
Again step 1 is washing the face and making it dry with the towel. Then, take a drop (the size of a grape) of gommage on your finger. Protect your eyes, and tenderly put the it to your face skin, keep massaging it for 1 minute.

Rinse with warm water. Apply the moisturizer to face skin.