Concentration and PH of Salicylic Acid Peels

About salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is employed in many peels of different concentration and PH. It is a type of beta-hydroxy acid. Salicylic acid is an outstanding peeling agent that has the power to reduce oil and clean pores. It is perfect for superficial peels. Salicylic acid is a success at treating the cause of superfluous oils, acne and other blemishes. It can substitute glycolic acid for those who strive for rejuvenation.

You may purchase peels with salicylic acid concentrations reaching 30%. Its oil-solubility provides high efficiency in pores cleaning, which makes salicylic acid extremely useful in cases of acne vulgaris. BHAs are not only good at peeling but also are useful for eliminating comedone blockings from deep inside of the pores, which facilitates pore functioning, improves its general appearance and performance. To successfully utilize salicylic peel you are to determine appropriate for your skin type salicylic acid concentration.


Salicylic acid concentrations in beauty products may vary from 2% to 30%. Gained results considerably depend on strength chosen.

Light (up to 10%), medium (10%-20%) and deep (20%-30%) salicylic acid peels can be differed on the basis of their strength.

PH level

PH level determines acid-alkaline balance of a chemical solution. The lower PH level the stronger salicylic acid. Normally, salicylic peels with concentrations of 2%-30% are of 2.1. PH. Higher PH levels inhibit peel performance and suit for home treatments. Most medical spas employ peels of such strength.

High concentrations

Salicylic peel is the most effective salicylic treatment. It penetrates deep pores, eliminating comedones and reducing fine lines. Salicylic concentration of 10%-30% is too high for sold over the counter anti-acne creams (they are typically of 1%-5%).

Highly concentrated salicylic peels dissolve upper skin layer. They are used for skin resurfacing as they promote even complexion, remove acne and prevent possible breakouts.

30% is high concentration for salicylic acid product. Such peel helps in cases of severe acne caused by sebaceous glands malfunctioning (oily skin), sun-damage and plentiful comedones. It is certain to improve skin tone and texture for all skin types.

20% salicylic acid peel is medium peel. It can deal with a number of various skin conditions such as inflamed acne, fine lines and pigmentation problems. Salicylic acid peel of 20% concentration suits best for normal skin since it neither too strong nor too weak.

10% concentration is typical for light salicylic peels. Though, mild peel doesn’t necessarily mean ineffective. Light salicylic peels easily penetrate and cleanse clogged pores if used regularly. Lower concentration of 10% does not reach deeper than the stratum corneum (superficial epidermis layer), which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive or congested skin.

Salicylic acid peel of 2% concentration is used as a part of daily skin care routine. It helps to maintain fresh complexion, prevents blemishes and serves right as a pre-peel treatment.

Choose the best salicylic acid concentration and PH for peel procedure on the basis desired outcomes and skin peculiarities.