Chemical peel reviews

Review 1.
I just have finished my procedures (3) of biomedic micropeels. As I remember it was glycolic acid peel with 20 percent concentration. The whole process’s duration was about 3 months and I should say I am pretty satisfied with results. My target was to get rid of injured skin on my neck, forehead and cheeks.

I was advised by my doctor to apply creams before the peel procedure. They were needed to prepare my skin and contained retinoid and mild acids. The duration of each peel procedure is about 20 minutes. It all starts with enzyme cream rubbed into my skin face. After this they used an alpha hydroxy acid solution on my face. Not sure, but it must have been 20% that is claimed to be mild.

My doctor warned me the procedure may cause sting. And it really did. I have sensitive skin thus it burned badly. CO2 skin freeze was the last step. They apply it to make your skin texture smoother. It didn’t hurt at all.

The side-effects after procedure were peeling and redness during 5 days. Avoiding sun was a must. I was kind worrying people to see me in this way. I guess the worst thing was that I was sure Micropeel is not a downtime procedure. So I was completely shocked by this post treatment peeling. But right now I have smoother skin texture that is great for applying makeup which I actually don’t use so often. Areas injured by sun look much better. Besides, I am wearing sunscreens to protect my “new” beautiful skin from sun activity.

Review 2.
I have had an awful experience with Chemical peel and I highly recommend you to do it only with a Doctor, in case you really need this procedure. I have an asian skin type, with complexion between whitish and fair. I was told that chemical peels are great in dealing with acne scars. That’s why I went to the spa with the hope to remove those awful acne marks. But how could I know that they will get worse. When the procedure began, I felt that my face was burning like on real fire. I tried to not to worry, because even staff told me that feeling pain is okay, but I couldn’t bear the pain any longer and asked to clean my face.

A few days later my skin started to peel. It was more like coming off. My skin was so light and sensitive that even washing and moisturiser applying was unbelievably hard. Moreover, in time I began getting breakouts. My face was getting only worse and I was frustrated. It took my skin for ages to heal. So I don’t want even think about applying any chemical peels ever again. My skin might have been allergic to chemical peels, I don’t know. So I highly recommend you before doing such procedure, take a look to all advantages and disadvantages, find an Experienced Doctor and in case possible make a test for allergies. There are many people and spas that aren’t certified to do such procedures, so be careful, pick a good reputed clinic instead.

Review 3.
I have had a chemical peel, which smoothed out my skin greatly. TCA peel was really good. It was applied as a medium depth peeling, because my skin was pretty bad. My skin was burnt and scarred, with a lot of wrinkles after applying several acne creams. Skin was chapped, dry and altogether in bad shape. But thanks to Chemical peel, acne scars become lighter. I have done 2 TCA peels during 5 month period. I was thinking about phenol peel at first, but then I heard that phenol lightens the skin to almost ghostly white. So my decision stopped on milder procedure. TCA made my skin smoother and cleaner after some tingling, burning and peeling. I applied it to both my neck and face to save the same pigmentation. So I don’t have different colors of face and neck.

Another piece of good news was that healing duration was only 3 weeks. The pain wasn’t bad. Sunblock was a must to apply and I did it regularly. Even now, 5 month later I still use it. It is a high SPF to be safe. The procedure takes near 20 minutes. I had flaking and dryness during 2 weeks but they were not too remarkable. And now I have new skin underneath, which is fresh and smooth. And my neck feels the same. I simply love it.

Review 4.
Two weeks ago I tried a combination TCA peel (12.5% TCA). And I hate the results, or better to say I hate the Lack of any results.

I have typical skin of woman in mid-40s and my plastic surgeon advised to try chemical peel. He said it will help to remove fine lines and light wrinkles.

I thought everything was fine. I looked scary as my skin was peeling as it was supposed to. I was sure that this means it was working, but instead when the peeling was done, nothing has changed. All my fine lines have left on my face.

I contacted the health spa and asked about my situation with absolutely no results. And the answer was I need to go through a number of treatments to receive any results.

Review 5.
I have done AHA last summer and I am not satisfied with results. My skin peeled off but the results weren’t what I expected them to be. What I needed was to get rid of some scars and blemishes and I chose AHA because it is quicker and doesn’t need recovery time. The peel itself was okay; I just thought that my skin might need something greater than AHA. So after a few months I have chosen TCA and now I am really happy with results. TCA is more powerful and I guess it works better. Well, in case hardly injured skin for sure. It made my skin smoother, decreased age spots and wrinkles. My skin Looks awesome.

Review 6.
The results are quite satisfied all together. I almost got rid of the discoloration ( from acne scars and sun damage). My pores decreased and my skin is less oily. Some wrinkles became less remarkable. I really advise this treatment! For sure! I am thinking of repeating it again in a year or couple.

I didn’t like two things:
1) I had scary burst of whitehead pimples all around my nose and mouth during first two days. Probably, it is the most sensitive area and it was burnt by chemicals. But the things got better as soon as I began peeling in 5 days.
2) I have had more blackheads than I had before. The comforting thing, I can get rid of them with a facial and their amount will decrease in time.

Review 7.
To begin with, chemical peels really worth it. Thanks to them, I have my complexion smoothed, my fine line wrinkles cleared up. Peel took care of my brown spots and returned health brilliance to my skin. But of course don’t hope to get all the results right after first peel. Here, a number of visits will be needed.

Review 8.
Two weeks ago I have had a chemical peel. Citric chemical peel, which I got have caused dark spots on my chin, around my mouth and on the side of my face.

My packaged deal consisted of chemical peels, dermabraisions, and other stuffs. The spa advises to do another one (TCA and Glycolic acid) peel.

Review 9.
I did a deep chemical peel around the upper lip area and the chin. My desire was to get rid of wrinkles in the areas mentioned previously. The peel didn’t help with removing wrinkles but made the treated area considerably lighter than the rest of my skin. Right now I apply makeup to make discoloration less visible. But I really need another method to restore the color of treated skin area.

Review 10.
This procedure was something Awesome! I am young woman again: there are no more wrinkles in my forehead, I got rid of lines above my lips and the crow’s feet hardly discernable. And I got rid of enlarged pores as well. On the other hand, I looked scary for couple weeks. So better try the procedure when there are no people around. You will be happy with results!

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